A church with a history!

We began with 68 charter members in 1906 in this community. Our people live in the communities around the church.

We believe in Jesus and His teachings as found in the Bible's New Testament. We feel that the love and forgiveness He taught are like the keys to meaningful living. They are part of the lives that in turn become the Church.

We become His people and His church by belief in his teachings. In turn we reach out to invite others to come and share in this good news.

We have Sunday School for our children to learn together. We keep the doors open for worship and study, which stimulates our continued spiritual growth.

We do not stand alone

We have sister Churches of the Brethren in Idaho and throughout the United States. We are active in relief and emergency work through Church World Service agency. We have mission projects of teaching, health centers, agriculture centers and ministry centers in place around the world. We support world understanding and peace efforts.

Our roots of faith and committment

Go back in church history to the movements known as "pietism" and "anabaptist" concepts. Pietism refers to a high priority for personal devotion and commitment to Jesus, Lord and Savior. Anabaptist concept supports adult baptism and commitment to Jesus.

When the founders of the Church of the Brethren came to America, we were known as the German Baptist Brethren. German language was totally spoken. Later English and other cultural changes took place and a new name was taken. We became Church of the Brethren, a body of believers where all are referred to as Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

Our faith and commitment to Jesus becomes the bond of utility and acceptance.

Defining a church

It is God's Kingdom on Earth now. The church is the instrument through which God has chosen to do His work on Earth. It was the body begun by Jesus to complete the work of love.

At Boise Valley, we are working to become the church that would bring honor to Jesus. Let me summarize our goal . . . our mission.