Defining a church

It is God's Kingdom on Earth now. The church is the instrument through which God has chosen to do His work on Earth. It was the body begun by Jesus to complete the work of love.

At Boise Valley, we are working to become the church that would bring honor to Jesus. Let me summarize our goal . . . our mission.

  1. A New Testament Church
  2. Our message is that "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God." We require no other creed than this one. He alone is Lord and Savior.

  3. A church of Christ
  4. The church belongs to Him. We have no authority to change the teachings, rewrite the rules, offer altered membership requirements, or usurp His authority

  5. A church seeking unity
  6. Like thousands of others down through history, members of this church seek to be one in Christ with all others whom He calls his own

  7. A church seeking restoration
  8. As much as possible, we are trying to imitate the New Testament precedents. That is why our baptism is by immersion, our communion is open to all believers. We celebrate annually the Lord's last supper, called the "Love Feast" which includes a feet-washing service.

  9. An apostolic church
  10. The church, Ephesians 2:19-20 states, was "built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone." We learn this thru the writings and teachings of Jesus' closest companions, and apostles.

  11. A thinking church
  12. So we are a studying church, wanting to know what the Bible teaches and how we can apply its teachings to today's world.

  13. A feeling church
  14. We rejoice in the Lord, we praise and pray and love and serve from the heart. We are not ashamed of the gospel and we are not embarrassed to let our joy be seen.

  15. A sharing church
  16. Because of our joy and excitement about Jesus, we eagerly share the Good News about Him with others. We also share our possessions. Our money, our property, our lives belong to the Lord. Stewardship of life and all our resources are encouraged by ideas like . . . a simple life-style, a peace stance with our world and its people, human dignity and sacredness of life.

  17. A free church
  18. As a congregation we elect our own leaders, call and support our minister, decide where the mission money will go, and in every way determine the program of the church. We are interdependent . . . associating with other churches at district and national levels. We cooperate with others in Ecumenical endeavors that serve people.

  19. A growing church
  20. We want to grow spiritually, because we know that we have not achieved all Jesus wants of us. We want to grow as individuals, because in continued love and service is the fullness of our joy.

    In this quest we discover we are family. That is, the family of God, a place where we can work on attitudes, love, forgiveness, and know that others care about us.

    Ed Kerschensteiner